Press Releases 2019

Press Releases 2019


HETA - Creditors are going to receive the third interim distribution

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FMA increases write-down ratio for HETA to 86.32%

FMA increases write-down ratio for HETA to 86.32% - LINK to FMA


Supervisory Board approves Wind-Down plan 2019

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Financial Market Authority issues Mandate Decree III

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Mandate Decree III HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG 26.03.2019 - LINK to Financial Market Authority


The wind-down activity started in 2015 continues successfully in 2018
  • Positive annual result of EUR 810 million.
  • Proceeds of more than EUR 650 million from wind-down activity.
  • More than EUR 8 billion already distributed to creditors.
  • Expected Recovery Rate rises to more than EUR 10 billion.
  • Almost 90 per cent of assets wound down.
  • Executive Board Member Schiefer leaves at his own request.

    Press release_ Successful wind-down activities of HETA_EN_FINAL


Publication of the 2018 annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • The 2018 annual financial statements (separate financial statements) show a profit from ordinary activity (POA) of EUR +297.0 million (2017: EUR +1,085.2 million). A large amount of extraordinary income was achieved in connection with settlements concluded (EUR +511.7 million), so that the annual result amounts to EUR +810 million. No net income for the period is shown, since this value was notionally set at zero as a result of the formation of a provision. Of the total assets of EUR 3.4 billion, per 31 December 2018 credit balances at OeNB accounted for EUR 2.3 billion and assets still to be wound down accounted for EUR 1.1 billion.
  • The consolidated financial statements show a positive POA of EUR +171.2 million (2017: EUR +1,035.7 million) and EUR +511.7 million in extraordinary income from settlements.
  • Per the middle of 2018 a further EUR 1.9 billion (63.112%) was paid out to creditors in the context of the second interim distribution.

Release of the 2018 annual financial and consolidated statements