Press Releases 2017


HETA Press release: Sale of all Skiper Group Companies to the best bidder ISTRIAN HOTELS d.o.o./Tampten Ltd.

HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG (HETA) informs that it has achieved a further significant progress in its wind down efforts. On October 16th 2017, HETA (together with HETA Beteiligungen GmbH) and ISTRIAN HOTELS d.o.o./Tampten Ltd. signed a sale and purchase agreement for the sale and transfer of the entire interest in all Skiper group companies, including all outstanding loans granted by HETA.



HETA announces details of further sales transactions on AAA platform

In order to reach the wind down target of HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG in 2020, HETA will perform further sales procedures in the upcoming months. Current tenders can be retrieved any time on the Alpe-Adria-Asset Platform (AAAPlatform) of HETA.



Changes in the Management Board of HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG

The Supervisory Board of HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG („HETA“) has set the course for the reconfiguration of the HETA Management Board today. The Supervisory Board was informed by the Chairman of the Management Board, Wirt.-Ing. Sebastian Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath, that he will not extend his contract. He will leave the Management Board by August 31st 2017. The equal Management Board will consist of Mag. Martin Handrich, Mag. Arnold Schiefer and Mag. Alexander Tscherteu, who will act as Board Spokesman from September 1st 2017 on.



Publication of annual and consolidated financial statements 2016

  • The result for the 2016 financial year and the structure of the equity and liabilities side have been significantly impacted by the effects from the application of Emergency Administrative Decision II issued by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) on 10 April 2016.
  • The annual financial statements pursuant to the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB)/Austrian Banking Act (BWG) (separate financial statements), which are of particular relevance to the creditors, report a net income of EUR 7,479 million (2015: EUR -492 million), which is mainly characterised by the haircut and the positive operating developments.  Total assets increased slightly to EUR 9.9 billion (2015: EUR 9.6 billion). The net income for the year eliminates the previously reported negative equity (2015: EUR -7.5 billion); the provision for contingent liabilities related to resolution procedures created in 2016 totals EUR 3.2 billion (2015: EUR 0 billion).
  • The consolidated financial statements for 2016 according to IFRS show a result after tax of EUR 6,714 million (2015: EUR -496 million). Consolidated total assets fell from EUR 11.2 billion in the previous year to EUR 10.8 billion. In accordance with the wind-down objective, loans and advances to customers and credit institutions (before provisions) have declined significantly to EUR 7.4 billion (2015: EUR 10.2 billion), with cash and balances at central banks also increasing to EUR 6.2 billion (2015: EUR 4.3 billion). As a result of the high net income for the year, negative group equity (without minority interests), which was previously shown at EUR -5.7 billion (in 2015), improved to EUR 1.0 billion.
  • Heta expects that the rapid progress of the portfolio wind-down will continue in 2017.



Disclosure of inside information pursuant to Article 17 MAR

HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG resolves on the transfer of all bonds issued by it and listed on the second regulated market (geregelter Freiverkehr) of the Vienna Stock Exchange as well as on the regulated market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange to the third market (MTF) of the Vienna Stock Exchange respectively to the multilateral trading facility(Euro MTF) of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.



Sale of a petrochemical corporate NPL portfolio

HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG (HETA) announces that it is entering a new phase in the tender process regarding the sale of a petrochemical corporate NPL portfolio.



Completion of the Sale of Heta Asset Resolution Italia S.r.l. to an Alternative Investment Fund advised by Bain Capital Credit

HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG („HETA“) and its 100% subsidiary HETA Asset Resolution GmbH („HAR GmbH“) inform that the sale of the entire interest in Heta Asset Resolution Italia S.r.l. („HARIT”), including all outstanding loans granted by HETA to HARIT directly and indirectly to an Alternative Investment Fund advised by Bain Capital Credit (European Advisors), Ltd., as notified on 5 August 2016, was completed as of today.



Sale of non-performing loan portfolio of EUR 163 mn closed

HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG (HETA) informs that it has successfully closed a Sale and Purchase-Agreement with the Austrian Supernova-group regarding a Non-Performing-Loans-Portfolio worth 163 mn EUR.